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What are the best off-road tyres for my 4WD?

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The best off-road tyres for a 4WD will depend on the specific needs of the vehicle and the type of driving that you will be doing. Some of the most important factors to consider when selecting off-road tyres for a 4WD include:

  • Tread pattern. Tyres with a more aggressive tread pattern can handle a variety of off-road conditions, such as mud, rocks, and gravel.
  • Size. Make sure the tyres you select are the correct size for your 4WD and properly fit on the vehicle.
  • Brand reputation. Tyres from reputable brands such as Continental, Bridgestone, Michelin, etc have a proven track record of providing good performance and durability.

It's important to note that the best tyre for your specific vehicle will depend on the type of off-roading you plan to do and your personal preferences. Hence, it's advisable to do some research and consult with a professional such as Tyrepower Kalgoorlie before making a final decision.

All-Terrain tyres (AT)

Simply put, All-Terrain (AT) tyres are a type of tyre that are intended for use on a variety of surfaces, including on and off-road terrain. They typically offer great grip on a variety of terrains, such as dirt, mud, gravel, and rock, thanks to their deep and aggressive tread pattern.

Compared to other types of tyres such as highway terrains, AT tyres are stronger and less susceptible to off-road damage, including punctures, cuts, cracks, irregular wear, and so on. Thanks to their strong sidewalls, AT tyres are capable of carrying heavy loads when running at higher pressures.

AT tyres are commonly used by drivers and off-road enthusiasts who look for tyres that can handle a variety of conditions. They are also great for light off-roading while still providing good on-road performance. They are also used by truck and SUV owners who are looking for tyres that provide a balance between traction, handling, and durability while handling a mix of on- and off-road terrains.

Generally, AT tyres are versatile and suitable for a broad range of vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks.

Highway-Terrain tyres (HT)

Highway-Terrain (HT) tyres are similar to AT tyres, though they are far better suited to being used on sealed roads. They provide a comfortable, quiet, and smooth ride. They typically have a tread pattern that provides a balance of traction, handling, and durability. Many 4WDs and SUVs come fitted with highway-terrain tyres from the factory for these reasons.

These types of tyres are ideal for anyone who intends to use their car on paved roads more often than off-road surfaces. HT tyres are generally quieter on sealed roads and have better handling on wet bitumen than other off-road tyres.

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HT tyres are commonly used by a variety of drivers, including commuters who primarily drive on paved roads, such as highways and city streets, and want a tyre that can handle a variety of weather conditions.

These types of tyres are generally suitable for most cars and SUVs, as they are designed to handle a broad range of conditions, but specifically for on-road use.

Mud-Terrain tyres (MT)

Mud-Terrain tyres (MT) have been designed to be used predominantly off-road. They feature an aggressive and self-cleaning tread pattern and are made for muddy conditions. In comparison with AT and HT tyres, MT tyres’ tread pattern has a higher rolling resistance, which leads to increased road noise and fuel consumption.

Their aggressive tread pattern has larger and deeper lugs, which offer better traction and stability in muddy or loose terrain. These tyres also tend to have more durable construction, which helps them handle rough conditions.

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MT tyres are popular among truck and SUV owners and off-road enthusiasts who frequently drive on rough terrain and require tyres that can handle mud, rocks, and other obstacles.

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